What is a masternode?

A masternode uses the same wallet software as a common node with the same block chain technology. Only a Masternode performs additional services on the block chain network. A few examples of those extra services are increased privacy on transactions. Direct transactions also possible with masternodes. In addition it has as a specific feature a decentralised budget system. There are still some advantages if you compare these with a normal node.

Make money with Masternodes?

To deliver all offered services, Master needs (owners) are also rewarded. This can serve as a passive income to the masternode owners and can result in good merits.

Cost Masternode to set up

The cost of setting up a good masternode often varies and this is due to the value of the crypto coin that goes up and down daily 24 hours a day. Below you can see the cost of a DASH, PIVX, Chaincoin and ION Masternode.

Prices Masternodes:
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DASH and PIVX Masternodes

The most widely used and best masternodes are of course DASH and PIVX. These two cryptocurrencies have the best code written behind the Masternode.


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